Carnegie Museums


The #CarnegieScienceCenter drew me in with #roboworld, the world’s largest permanent #robotics #exhibit. When we first entered the quirky world we were greeted by Andy, an interactive #animatronic robot that my son was able to control via touch screen. Beyond him was a #surreal view of humans and robots interacting in ways not usually seen in my day to day life. Air hockey with a robotic arm was intensely fun, while programming a #camera with a red #ball to follow was made #hilarious because my son had on a red shirt. #BodyWorks seemed to be a favorite exhibit… with preserved #human #organs, funny #demonstrations, and cool #interactive stations, my son had fun, and for a #teenager that’s saying a lot! They also had #space, #earth, and #water exhibits, a #planetarium, giant #cinema, live shows, and a separate facility called Highmark SportsWorks. It’s right next to the center, and was included in the $19.95 Adult General Admission…$11.95 for kids 12 and under.

The #CarnegieMuseumofNaturalHistory is among the top five natural history museums in the United States. It houses the world’s largest collection of Jurassic #dinosaurs, and provides extensive exhibits in various Halls for #botany, #minerals and #gems, #wildlife, #geology, #bird, #AmericanIndian, and #AncientEgypt. As usual, my son was drawn to the gems and dioramas, while my top picks were the minerals and Native American displays. Adult admission is $19.95, and there are varying lower prices for seniors, students, and kids under 18. The exhibits spread out over three floors, and got slightly confusing for me since the Art Museum is attached to the same building. At some point we wound up in a staircase that had entrances to both, so we just went with the flow and finished up the Native American and Egypt Halls before checking out the art building.

Included with admission to the Natural History Museum, the #CarnegieMuseumofArt has more than 32,000 objects in their #collection. There was a little bit of everything in the large room #galleries, and #students could be seen dotting various areas as they #sketched… unexpected as it was a Saturday, but the museum offers a ton of #programs for #artenthusiasts of all ages. I can linger on art that appeals to me for a few moments, but I have never been one to stick around for longer than that…I appreciate #skill, or time and #effort, then I move on. My kid seems to be the same way, and while we both are pretty #creative, and enjoy making our own art, the interest only lasts long enough to complete a #project. No idea why I drag both of us through art museums…I guess I just like the #exposure to things that are outside of our normal interests.

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