Pittsburgh At Night

Please excuse my poor quality night pictures 🙂 If you squint, they look better.

For our first night in #Pittsburgh we made a stop at #TheMeltingPot, indulging in a 4 course meal that had plenty of #leftovers to be boxed. It had been our first time to the chain eatery, and I like that it was an experience shared in a brand new #city. The location was in Station Square, once a #railroad station that first opened in 1879. Through the years the railroad commuters disappeared, and the space was turned into a mixed use development…a hotel and shops were added to make it the 52 acre #entertainment district known today, with #construction still underway. There are #riverfront views of downtown Pittsburgh, walking and driving access to the #SmithfieldStBridge, a large #fountain that provides liquid firework shows, as well as access to river cruises and one of two #inclines scaling #MtWashington.

I am now so very happy we decided to try the #MonongahelaIncline at #night, because I think I would have been too terrified to attempt it during the day. The 367.4 ft, 78% incline of the car had me chanting for a safe ride the entire way up and down…not that it is unsafe, I just have a slight #fearofheights…and of malfunctions. This particular incline was built in 1870, and was only $7 for round trip tickets for two people, while also providing some #history and #artifacts inside the boarding #station. Each car only holds about 24 people at a time, and while one was going up another was making its way down. The entry way to the car was off of steps that aligned to each of three levels in the car, with inside being open space that was sectioned off with a half wall and seating per level. Once up top, there is a #observationdeck about a minute away, providing #gorgeous views of the brightly lit city.

We returned to #StationSquare the following night for a #HauntedPittsburgh cruise by #GatewayClipperFleet. It was a beautiful #sightseeing tour that pointed out all of the major #landmarks, while also providing entertainment through scary stories told by Ron Zombie. The #riverboat offers two indoor seating decks, a full bar, snack bar and an open air top deck with more seating. Ticket prices vary per type of cruise, but the Haunted Pittsburgh was $22 for adults, and $12 for those 12 and under. Our #tour was an hour long, and they asked people to be there at least 15 minutes before departure, but we went sooner and there was a #souvenir shop, #bar, snack stand, and seating at the docking station that filled our time. It was cool seeing Heinz Field lit up, and gliding past glowing incline lines and bridges, but I would definitely like to try it during the day when we go back.

Our final night we had a chance to walk around the #CulturalDistrict…we had tickets to an improv comedy show that was being held among the cluster of #theaters, #artgalleries, and #gastropubs. I would have enjoyed time spent in one of their jazz bars had I been with friends, but since it was just the kiddo and I, we stuck to grabbing a quick dessert down the street before heading over to the #ArcadeComedyTheater. It was a quirky 3 story venue from what I could tell, and when first walking in, it’s kind of set up like a doctor’s office. There is seating in the front, and a semi enclosed space across from the door with open windows for ticket transactions, and #snack buying. To the back there may have been a #stage, but we were sent to the upstairs stage for our show. It was #BYOB, so I brought #wine and was given a red solo cup and a #wristband after showing I.D., providing amusement for me right away. It was a good time, and I truly enjoyed the #nightlife variety we were able to find during our stay.

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