Turkey Hill Experience

The Turkey Hill Experience isn’t a working factory tour as I first thought it was, but more of a science museum that provides the history and education of dairy culture. The building is an old silk mill with the first floor hosting a pretty impressive gift shop, and I wish we lived closer to this Lancaster County town so that we could have taken part in their Taste Lab and made our own pint to bring home. To be honest I initially went for the unlimited samples of ice cream and iced tea they offer with the $10.50 admission, but after my son and I got inside we spent almost 2 hours taking part in their interactive exhibits.

It was especially fun watching my son milk a mechanical cow, and find out which iced tea paired with his personality, but there was also a sense of general excitement of being able to walk through a giant ice cream tub and enter a “freezer”. There was also the chance to make our own commercial, take a virtual tour of the ice cream factory, and come up with our own mix of ice cream. For an additional cost, folks can enjoy a special tea tasting or make their own pint of ice cream to take home, but reservations need to be made ahead of time to secure space, and thought needs to be put into how you will get your ice cream home if you live a long distance away.

Since we had time, pun intended, we also checked out the National Watch and Clock Museum that is in the area. It displays every source from the universe and elements to batteries and electricity, that has been used to monitor the hours, minutes, and seconds that make up our lives. This museum has the largest horological collection in North America, with over 12,000 pieces taking you on a chronological tour as you walk through the evolution of time. One of the most memorable pieces was the Engle Monumental Clock, which took Stephen Engle 20 years to complete, showcasing impressive movement when the clock strikes certain times on the hour. An added bonus is that the website also offers a virtual tour of the museum from the comfort of your home.

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