Dear Boog,

I know that at this point in your life you say you want to be a Doctor. But I remember the days of you wanting to be a Veterinarian, Game Programmer, and Restaurant Owner too. Either way, I will be here to support and slightly push you through whatever you do decide to pursue in the future. I know these next few years of high school are going to fly by, and I am just trying to enjoy as much of you as I possibly can, because you are going to be a successful adult living your own life before I know it. I just want you to dream big, Boog… I want you to continuously grow in the field you choose, so that one day you can truly choose to live a free life. Being financially independent is the only way to make it through this world untouched by other’s greed, regulations, limitations, and confinement. I want you to be happy in what you do as well. Life is too short to go day after day to a job that makes you miserable, and doesn’t fund the lifestyle you want. If you start now with making the best decisions you can, you have a shot at ruling the world.

It really sucks that school doesn’t teach you about finances and all of the little monsters that money plays its part in. Debt is something you never want to have be a part of your life, and your focus should be on investing, taxes, savings, and building credit. Your dreams also have to include the building blocks of reality. It takes money for higher education, it takes money for cost of living, and it takes money for quality of life. You have to know from the beginning that you will have to pay back any outside sources that will help you, because I will only be able to help you so much. Higher education, talent, a trade, or pure luck are your only options to getting a head start on life. After that it is time and dedication to learning a skill set that will enable you to provide something to the world that it is willing to pay top dollar for.

It’s also best to have some sort of idea to what material things you want in life so that you can guess the cost of your future. I’m serious. Then add an additional $10,000 because by the time you save up enough, inflation would have taken place for what you want in addition to what you will need. Costs of food, transportation, rent/mortgage, utilities, and fun will all add to the comforts of the life you want. People do these things called Vision Boards that seem to really help them out in their journey, and I wish I would have done it decades ago. Google will be your best friend in looking up all of the things I mentioned above. You need a Plan A, Boog. Then you need a Plan B, and Plan C too, because this world is not kind for the wayward adult.

I would also suggest finding a partner that is just as mindful and ambitious to a fulfilling life…something to consider unless you truly bring in such a disposable income that it won’t matter. And I’m sorry, whoever says money can’t buy happiness can give me their money and let me show them how it absolutely does. You deserve to benefit from your hard work, which brings me to say you will also need to make time for quality of life. There are endless riches in making memories, exploring the world, having new experiences, and trying new things. Also realize money itself can’t always get everything you want exactly how you want them. You have to find the silver lining to things, same as you would being broke…but at least with money you can take a vacation until you find that ray of light. I’m just saying, money isn’t everything, but in this world it is necessary.

I love you Boog. And I wish every day that you grow to old age safe, happy, healthy, and successful…physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, spiritually, and financially.

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