When I get an idea in my head for how I want something to look, I set up an initial canvas of that idea with whatever I have at hand. I like to play around with different looks, try out certain displays I’ve seen elsewhere…but in the end I usually wind up simplifying things, and add my own twist to it. Making things simple doesn’t always mean you take things away though, it can include bringing in additional elements so that you don’t have to leave an area for a task, and practicality has a high appeal for me. I also think individuality is what makes this world interesting and beautiful, and seek the timeless appeal of being happy with what I have. We all should be able to come home to a space that is reflective of who we are and can bring us peace. Personally it gives me motivation to work on the things that make me unhappy, and not give up on making my ideas, hopes, and aspirations a reality.

It was time for my linen closet to semi resemble an adult lives here…even though it was behind a door, I still had to face it when I tried to look for something. One reason this space became so scary was because of how small it is, but if I used bins on the shelves, and sorted through the storage drawers on the bottom, I would be able to mentally inventory what I had. Trying to fit items for different areas in this apartment is a challenge. I knew I had to start from a clean slate, so I took everything out, grouping things into use and functionality, and started over. Unfortunately only a small amount was able to be thrown out, but the rest I was able to categorize into these perfect sized bins I found at Target…the large bins were $7.99, and the smaller bins were just $3.99. It gave things a cohesive look, while also providing a durable storage solution. Now when I ask my son to grab something from the closet, I will have a specific colored bin and shelf that I can send him to. As for me, I now have peace of mind that I can open the door and grab exactly what I need, as well as keep track of what needs to be replenished.

This coffee cart was sad when I decided to “extend” the counter space in my very small kitchen. I liked coffee, but didn’t drink it enough to put much thought beyond having a basic coffee maker and regular grounds to throw in it. Then about 6 months ago, my brain and body decided it couldn’t function without caffeine, so I needed the space to be more efficient for my new morning routine. The whole concept needed an upgrade. I waited for a good sale on Amazon and grabbed this programmable, dual brew option coffee maker for $50, allowing me to just grab and go while still in a semi coma. I started experimenting with different grounds and decided on a mixture of espresso and medium roast to give me the boost I needed for the day. And since the cart was now an important part of my life, I wanted it to look prettier than it did, so I played around with different display options. While I still need to make it to Experienced Coffee Cart level with some additions, I feel as though the space is at least polished enough to handle anyone’s quest for caffeine.

Instead of adding items to this next project, I actually took things away. I originally had my “bar” on the coffee cart above, but wasn’t happy with how limited the space was. I wanted all of my alcohol and accessories in one place, so I kept my eye out on FB Marketplace for something that would fit what I had in mind. It wasn’t long before this metal bar cart popped up for only $20, so when I got it home I just began filling it with what I had. I was happy it had wine and stemware racks, plus the additional middle shelf, but I didn’t like how cluttered it looked after getting everything on it. I decided to lessen the amount of liquor, and then group what was left with coinciding stemware for the types of drinks I would make. I know it may seem a bit anal, but it makes sense to me…when I have guests over I can just glance at it and know what kind of drinks I will be able to offer. And being able to simplify decisions to any part of my day goes a long way in my world.

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  1. Anna | Yes, Little Hummingbird? says:

    Looks wonderful! Honestly, you did amazing ❤


    1. RLO says:

      Thank you! 💜

      Liked by 1 person

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