Grounds For Sculpture

I am a big advocate for getting outside. Most of our days are spent inside for work and school, giving our body much less time to move around and be out in the open air…if you want to know why the doctor is telling you that you’re lacking in Vitamin D, it’s because you aren’t getting enough sun. One beautiful day in May was meant for my son and I to check out Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ. It has 42 acres of beautiful landscape showcasing an evolving display of modern sculptures, plus six indoor galleries. They have timed tickets, with adults prices being $18-$20, depending if you get them online or not, and $10 for kids and students. The price may seem a little steep, but you could spend an entire day here, without seeing something twice. They also offer an interactive map that you can follow on your phone.

There are endless pieces of art off of every walkway and hidden path. Some so incredibly large, that they have become part of the land, while others allow you to physically become a part of the art. There was one such piece that had me “lose” my son for a moment. I heard him call out to me, and as I turned around he was no where in sight. I jumped as he called out to me again directly in front of me, but he was within an installment. The art piece was so busy, that I didn’t even realize there were open rows, and he had walked to the middle of one. It was wild. There is fantasy, beauty, and weird concepts around every bend. They even have resident peacocks to randomly flash their own art.

While they don’t allow outside food or drink, they do have various options for grabbing a bite to eat. There are 2 cafe’s, a seasonal outdoor option, and Rat’s Restaurant. But if you go right after breakfast or lunch, you could get a nice chunk of time on the grounds without worrying about it. There are benches if you need a break, and honestly a peek at Google Maps for the layout before you go, isn’t a bad idea. It’s fairly easy to get turned around once you’re out among the sculptures. For those that like all of the elements of art, there are a couple ponds, some sort of large reservoir, and a fountain/water section, as well as one or two steam installments. There is something for everyone here, including a nice amount of humor pieces, and it will be an experience like no other.

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