#DIY Storage Coffee Table

I was searching everywhere online for some sort of storage coffee table that would be under $50…I didn’t even mind if I found something that was used, just as long as I could fit it into my small car, but there wasn’t anything in my area on FB Marketplace and everything new was $100 and up. Then when I tried searching the DIY options, I pretty much just saw “All you need is a circular saw, clamp, hinges, screws, hammer, and a Viking to get it done”. That was a No for me, thanks, I just needed SOMETHING for my extra blankets and pillows, and a place to put my drinks and feet on.

One day I was walking through $5 Below and saw that they had the cheap, fabric wrapped, cardboard storage boxes…with the shag fur top…and grabbed four of them for $21.40. Ran into Lowes and purchased one 2X2 piece of 1/4in. plywood for $5.22, and four 2in. X 1 1/4in. PVC bushings for $7.36. I already had some black paint, but you can buy the 8oz. sample for less than $5, and I already had krazy glue, but you can get that for less than $3. My total came to $33.98 with tax, so even if you had to add the $8 to that, it would only be $42!! Boom, storage coffee table for under $50!

I painted the plywood first, and let it dry overnight…then I krazy glued the PVC bushings to the bottom of the plywood, let it dry for a few hours, and set the storage squares up in a couple of minutes to place on top. I added my little touch with a $3 tray from Target, a $3 candle from Pier 1, a gifted candy dish, and a $13 flexi hand from IKEA. The storage boxes are surprisingly sturdy, especially when combined as a square, and cleaning them so far has just consisted of wiping with a damp rag, or a quick vacuum. It is not meant to be a family heirloom, and I wouldn’t suggest it for those with kids that still like to climb on furniture, but it’s a nice looking option for the funds challenged.

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