Baltimore Harbor

Most people think of the National Aquarium when you mention the Baltimore Harbor, but there is so much more to explore in the area. My son and I had gone to check out a Wing Festival (so insanely awesome), but I wanted to roam around a bit before the 1pm start. Since both of us had visited the aquarium in the past, we made our way over to Federal Hill Park which offers amazing, elevated views of the harbor. It’s literally a massive hill, so be prepared for a ton of steps, or being more adventurous and climbing a grassy incline. Once up top, there are paved walkways, benches, various representation of it’s role in the War of 1812, and lots of people walking their dogs, jogging, or just enjoying a leisurely stroll.

Across from the hill is the quirky American Visionary Art Museum, a fun diversion with three separate buildings housing creative, personal expression in every way imaginable. For $15.95 you too can be entertained by ironic displays and sad truths. Child/Student tickets are only $9.95, while kids 6 and under are free. In the main building that stands on the corner of the block, there are three floors that showcase a variety of paintings, sculptures, dioramas, and wacky forms of art. The second building is pretty much an open hangar that has a rotating exhibit and sculpture gardens on two sides that lead to the third building, an open space of interactive exhibits and fun displays.

When heading over to Power Plant Live for the festival, I realized I will probably be planning a weekend trip to Baltimore just to explore other museum’s, shops, and restaurants in the area. Power Plant alone had an extensive amount of fun bars to explore, and in our short time roaming around I felt like we had a full day of adventures. As with any city, you can always find something that appeals to everyone, but what makes it even more memorable is trying something you wouldn’t normally do, or eating something you wouldn’t normally order. I was happy our little day trip included some history, music, food and shopping, but realized a lot more time would be needed to check out so many other activities in the area, and I look forward to returning.

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